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The first step towards managing and controlling Japanese Knotweed is a general survey of the suspected property or site. For commercial clients, this is often prior to purchase. A Japanese Knotweed site survey and remediation options appraisal is essential in determining accurate development costs for a site. Early detection and treatment of Japanese Knotweed infestations is of paramount importance if remediation costs are to be kept to a minimum. Delays can be very costly. A survey can safeguard a buyer who wishes to purchase a development site. If the site is found to be infested with Japanese knotweed, the costs of remediation should be considered in the purchase price.


A Japanese Knotweed survey is essential to determine the best method of treatment for each individual site. Due to site conditions, available land, timescales and tax relief, a variety of site specific remediation solutions can be designed around the needs of the client. The selection of the most appropriate remediation technique depends on constraints such as timescales and available space however we can provide clients with the most cost effective Japanese Knotweed remediation solution for each site including herbicide only treatments, excavation and disposal to landfill, on-site bund treatment, on-site cell burial, use of geo-textile membranes called root barriers & combined reduced excavation, barrier and herbicide treatment.

Survey & Insurance Backed Guarantees: 

Once Japanese Knotweed has been identified, and a specialist consultant or contractor has further investigated the problem and provided a report, a Japanese Knotweed management plan should be established. This management plan can provide the necessary reassurance to both lenders and buyers that a Knotweed problem is being properly managed.


Although the methods of tackling Japanese Knotweed will depend on the commercial choices and preferences of the contractor, our management plan will follow the Code of Practice published by the Environment Agency & includes the following:

Management plan:

•  A description of the property with an accurate record of the Knotweed intrusion. A scaled plan with dimensions and supporting photographs would be particularly useful.

•  The full details of the contracting organisation and a description of the methods to be used to eradicate Knotweed.

•  A treatment schedule that is updated as treatments are carried out.

•  A completion certificate that confirms the treatment is complete and that the property is Knotweed-free on the completion date.

Insurance Backed guarantees are key:


We are able to offer all our clients in the residential and commercial Sectors a 5 & 10 Year (IBG) underwritten by GPI giving you and potyential mortgage companies extra peace of mind that work really is guaranteed.


It means that in the unlikely event of us being unable to honour our company guarantee, the insurance policy is present to meet those obligations under the terms of the policy wording.


The Guarantee covers for any additional treatment necessary as a result of japanese knotweed re-growth in the guarantee area as detailed and agreed in your guarantee certificate during the guarantee period being carried out by us, at no further cost to you.






Insurance Backed Guarantees Underwritten By GPI:

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