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If you're having problems with Japanese Knotweed in Ayr around your property or land you've come to the right place!

Japanese Knotweed Specialists - we specialise in the identification, treatment and eradicationl of Japanese Knotweed in Ayr.

Japanese Knotweed Identification, Control and Removal In Ayr.

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Japanese Knotweed Specialists

•  Japanese Knotweed Identification

•  Japanese Knotweed Removal

•  Japanese Knotweed Disposal

•  Japanese Knotweed Control

•  Japanese Knotweed Eradication

Our services include:

Our fully trained and dedicated staff provide a professional and reliable service nationwide. We understand how Japanese Knotweed can effect your property and land and we aim to control and remove the weed efficiently and effectively. Call today for a Japanese Knotweed Survey.

Why choose us?

•  Domestic households

•  Commercial properties

•  Industrial projects

From identification to removal and management we have the specialist skills to get rid of your Knotweed problems.

Let us help!

Our treatment techniques include:

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