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Horsetail / Mare's tail Treatment, Eradication and Removal for clients in  Scotland  


Horsetail (*Equisetum arvense*), often called mare’s tail, is an


deep-rooted perennial weed that will spread quickly to form a dense


of foliage, crowding out less vigorous plants in beds and borders.

Horsetail is an invasive, deep-rooted weed with fast-growing rhizomes

(underground stems) that quickly send up dense stands of foliage.




Horsetail is easily recognised by its upright, fir tree-like shoots


appear in summer.


In spring, fertile light brown stems, 20-50cm (10-20in) tall, appear

with a cone-like spore producing structure at the end of the stems.


In summer, sterile green shoots develop into fir tree-like plants, 60cm


(2ft) tall.


The problem


The creeping rhizomes of this pernicious plant may go down as deep as


(7ft) below the surface, making them hard to remove by digging out,

especially if they invade a border. They often enter gardens by

spreading underground from neighbouring properties or land.

What is horsetail?

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