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Himalayan Balsam Control, Treatment and Removal for clients in Rutherglen, Scotland & across the UK


Himalayan Balsam can produce over 700 exploding seeds, projecting them to a distance of 7 metres! The need for Himalayan Balsam control is of major importance to the UK environment. If left alone it will continue to reproduce until it dominates other native plant species.


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Himalayan Balsam Control & Removal 

If you want to know more about Himalayan Balsam control, JKS can help. Essentially a combination of herbicide control & root pulling will eradicate this weed over time. As invasive weed specialists we recommend that control measures and site situation are assessed together so an effective remediation program can be implemented.


Himalayan Balsam plant

•  NPTC qualified field technicians with PA1 & PA6AW certificates for applying herbicide & weed killer

•  Fully insured including Professional Indemnity insurance

•  All invasive weeds solution packages are completed in accordance with Environment Agency & SEPA recommendations

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Himalayan Balsam plant